Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Costume Jewlry

Got this at the rodeo too! Totally faux~ but I still liked it-for 10 bucks !! I should have gotten got this lady's number-she also sold me the glass pendants.  Its just a big fake ring --so fun :]

Glass Pendants

I seem to have been on a necklace kick!!! I bought these at a Rodeo-I loved the colors and the glitz-plus they were 3 for 12 bucks! I thought it was a deal! glass is interesting around your neck as it always feels cool!

Thanks Erin!!!

Erin sent me this wonderful spring necklace! Aren't the colors fabulous? I bought a shirt to match it-but it doesnt-maybe next time I should take the necklace with eh? duh!!!!!

Surprise in the Mail!!

Last week I opened the mailbox and there was a mailer in there-hmmm me thinks to myself-what could this be? It was from Alyice Edrich the Dabbling Mum thedabblingmum.blogspot.com  I forgot to take pics of the pretty little hanging birdies she also sent-I love them and now have a small collection!!!
Thanks Alyice-for EVERYTHING you have done for me!!!!!
Can you see the 3 hearts above the key?

Hazel Ruth

This a beautiful dollie I got from JoEllen of BeFRiuTFul KReaTioNs  www.befruitfulkreations.com
Her Name is Hazel Ruth and she is pouting for some unknown reason with her little stuffed rodent :]
Don't you just love her pretty little toes and fingers? and those huge expressive eyes!!!!

Spring is for Chicks

Here are my happy little chicks-Americana's-they lay blue eggs and Speckled Sussex -a beautiful bird that lays a lot of eggs!
 They are 3 and 4 weeks old and all hens!

My New Anthem


Some times life kicks you in the arse and says"What are you fighting it for? Change isn't a bad thing. Don't pass up any other opportunities for happiness".
Been fighting and fighting -all alone-took a friend to ask me why I was the only one trying to make things work.
So today I stand in limbo
Ever want to just run away?