Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2nd set of Coasters!

On this set I took a 1 inch strip and ironed it in half and then hand ruffled it-a very tight little ruffle :} And hot glued it around the edge-I really like these-but boy is that ruffling hard on the hands!!!!
The sides are about 1/2 inch high.  I need to figure out how to use the ruffle attachment that came with my sewing machine! 

The View Out My front Door AKA Snowstorm 12/31/2010

There was NO snow here when we parked my truck(1987 F150 XL) at around 3 pm yesterday. This photo was taken 24 hours later-almost to the moment in this picture.  And it's snowing again :{
On a high point I have the ice cream freezer outside and we are gonna make blueberry ice cream!!!!

My Take On Those Cute Coasters!

A couple days ago I posted a link to a 12 year old girl who did a tutorial on making some cute ruffled coasters! So before I went home last night i made a stop-yes I know we should have gone right home (See post I HATE Snow :} but I wanted to get some stuff to craft with so I would have thing to occupy myself when I was snowed in.  SCORE! Got the ceramic tiles on sale for 9cents a piece! Got 3 feet of cork for 5ish-everything else I had at home.

So last evening i Modge Podged the fabric onto the tiles and commenced to make me a ruffle~~~ yah RIGHT! How the heck do yah make a ruffle-ok ok I know how but I didn't want the thread to show and boy did it take forever to get it the way I like it and enough to go around 1 coaster!!!

So I thought to myself "Self what do you have a lot of that would look cute on those coasters" BUTTONS :}
So here are my coasters  ~I have done 8 sets of 4 this is the first one finished and may be the only one I do with buttons but I had to do something!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spinning and drinking good wine

I hauled out my old Ashford wheel and sat down with an awesome bottle of organic wine-Makulu-Moscato-semi sweet semi dry-lovely :} to spin some super soft extra long staple Lesiter Longwool wool from My friends at Marsh Creek Crossing  Marsh Creek Crossing.  This fiber is extra soft and luscious! I cant wait to get it spun and plyed -then I think I will try my hand at hand painting it-Any suggestions on colors? come give me your ideas!! Pretty pretty please!!!!!
Bee well Bee Warm and Bee safe

I HATE Snow!!!!!

Today was awful!!!  30 MPH winds-gusts up to 45 MPH -the drive home was almost frightening thank goodness we got home before the winds really picked up!  We are expecting 12 to 24 inches of SNOW! It started today about 10 am and will continue through tomorrow.If that happens I may be snowed in for a week-yup a week-the local towns road dept burned up in a fire and I am pretty sure the plows for our township will clear out the main roads for that town instead of the 3 miles of gravel road I need cleared to get out! Thanks goodness by buddy Mike's sweet dad Chuck fixed our snow blower and we picked it up yesterday-and all he want for payment is sweets! So I am going to make him ice cream!
Wish me luck gang! Thank goodness I just got lots of fiber, I have tons of fabric and patterns and thread and projects to keep me going-not sure how hubby will handle being stuck with me in the house for that many days-
gosh I just realized how incredibly hard it is going to be to get into the barn to take care of the animals!!!!  egads--I wanna move to Texas!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My first Patterns~ Ute Vasina

This Ute Vasina's site  Enchanting Delights  Ute was the first dollmaker I purchased patterns from-Every pattern I received from and made--yah I still have a few i haven't made :}-turned out spectacular! Her Patterns are full of detailed instruction that are clear and easy to understand-And to top it off~If you have ? she is right on it :} She turned me onto the tiny finger turners after i was in tears with aching hand trying to tun fingers the first time! Her trolls are adorable--check her out~~ she's a sweetheart!!!

A Cute Little Pin Keeper :}

I was going through my bookmarks today looking for projects for the weekend. I had forgot all about this one!
It's a bright cheery little pin cushion!  I love pin cushion myself-a little trick I learned from a quilter~~ use sand blasting sand as a filler! It keeps your cushion weighted and sharpens the pins and needles!!!  Go here Cheery Little Pin Cushion for the tutorial. Have fun Honeys!!!!

Cute -n-Easy Gift Idea!

Or just make them for yourself!!!! The girl who designed these is 12 years old! She is a very special crafter! Check out her Tut here Ruffled Coasters Make sure you comment on it OK? We need to give her lots of love for sharing this!

Bee Beeautiful :}

COllio Organizing idea Gang!!

So if you read my Top 10 Goals for 2011 you will recall that I talked about creating a space for all those brushes pens and pencils ect-Debbie hooked me up with this post that is super cute with less work than Modge Podging cans!!!  Lazy Susan Organizer!!!   This is super duper cool and colorful!! Thanks Debbie! I owe yah one :}

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An After The Holidays Giveawy!!!

Lillie Mae's Craft is having a giveaway and all you have to do is shoot her an email!! She is giving away a new pattern and the doll made from the pattern! I have blogged about her before as she has tons of FREE patterns and e books and tutorial on her website Lillie Mae's Crafts  this is where you can find the giveaway information well!  Good Luck!!!

My Top 10 Goals For 2011

1~ I will limit computer time to be able to create more
2~ I will try more of my old patterns instead of buying new ones!
3~ I will continue to try new techniques without waiting weeks to "be ready" I will just dive right in!
4~ I will use the supplies I have~ for the most part~instead of buying more and more!
5~I will make more "sellable"items
6~I will tidy up after creating-instead of leaving it til next time and then not sitting down casue I don't want to deal with the mess
7~I will make my Art Table less cluttered and make the items I use most more accessible-<I saw a post somewhere where they took the bottom of a hat box-the round ones-and put it on a lazy Susan-they put pvs pipe pieces in it to hold brushes and pens and pencils! Cool idea right!!!! I think It was on the Modge Podge site>
8~ I will organize my supplies better with plastic drawer storage instead of tossing it in assorted bins
9~I will jot down ideas instead of thinking I will remember them!
10~ I will buy a decent printer instead of buying used ones that wear out after 1 ream of paper!

Now if I can only remember where I put this list~~~~~~~
tee hee hee
Bee Well Bee Beeautiful Bee Creative Honeys!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Great Fabric Giveaway!!!
7 yards!! Yes you heard that right !!7 yards of fabric-All Kaufman ~~all Dr Suess!!! How much fun would that be to win!! Check it out at the link above-her entire website is a fun way to spend 30 minutes or so!!
be well my friends!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

My "Feather"Trees!

Theses are the "feather" trees I made this last Tuesday when I was snowed in at home! They are made from Fun Fur!  Pat Gill o Cr8tors Touch did a tutorial on these on The Hive! If you haven't already I suggest you check it out :}

Neat Stuff I got last week :}

I got this wonderful little Santa from Hermonie Goodwitch and Carlin Davis! I LOVE him!!!!!!  Carlin I want to try to make that face!!!!! Your work is amazing and I love you girl!!!!!

This wonderful doll is Jack Frost-My hubby bought him for me and he was made by Patrick James Gill of Cr8tors Touch! I love his hands!! Jacks-and I suppose Pats too :}

This is just a portion of the wonderful thing I received from my friend Mike's Granny!! tons and tons of embellishments!!!!!
This is some amazing glitter and glue and embossing powder I won from The Hive's 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway! This awesome pack came from Barb Bruder of Sprinkle & Sparkle! If you like glitter-and don't we all :} I suggest you check them out!!!!
Have a wonderful holiday season my friends and stay warm!

My Hubby & I Exchanged Gifts this Evening!

Tonight Hubby and I exchanged out Xmas gifts  as I will not be at home till next Wednesday-no big deal we do it this way every year :}
I got him a new BB gun :} and cast iron dutch oven-2 cast iron fry pans, a cast iron pot and also a stove top popcorn popper! He's the cook in the family!!!
He got me my favorite perfume-Shania, an Painted Pony Ornament Jingle Bells and ~~~ are you ready my doll making friends??? My dear sweet husband created for me a sort of a book of the month club!!!! Because I buy all the doll books I can find he found 3 that haven't been published yet!!!
The first book I should get next week-it is Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang! I didn't know this one existed!! I am excited to see it!!
The next book I will get in February-a book I wanted so badly too!! Introduction to Cloth Doll Making by Jan Horrox!!!!!  Oh My he is GOOD!!!!!!!! I wanted this the moment I saw the cover!!!!!
The final book I will be getting in March-this a book by one of my favorites-I have all her books and I so want to take a class with her someday!! It's Creative Cloth Doll Collection By no other but PATTI MEDARIS CULEA!!!!  whoot whoot whoott--i love my hubby Todd! So sweetie if you read this I LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Snow Day!

Yippee!! A Snow Day!! Now don"t get me wrong~~~I detest snow! but when I keeps me from a day of work ie my job-YIPEE!!! I am getting a lot done today I am making Patrick Gill's Feather trees!
Check them out here!
Super fun and easy and so very pretty!!
And If you haven"t already~ come and join The Hive!!!
You can meet all types of wondrous creative people who share  and share and share! Lots of fun giveaways and games too!!
Bee Warm-Make something Beeautiful Today!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh~~Sorry No Pictures~my camera broke :{

I wanted to take pictures of all the goodies I got today but my camera broke-I have a new one one the way so ya'all will have to wait~~ I am SORRY :}

This Morning was Terrible but this afternoon & Evening was a WHOLE Different Stiory!

This morning started out terrible-8 inches of snow made it very hard to get to work and I was 10 minutes late-we have a 38 miles drive to town-none of the roads had been plowed most of the way there-then We were super busy-had 3 truck to unload and 2 people didn't show up for work!  ARRGGHH!

My lunch was an hour and a half late when I sat down to check my email-by email I mean check my Hive notifications :}
To my wondrous surprise I had won the glitter I wanted from the 10th Day of Christmas Giveaway!OK my day just got a little better~~ then my buddy Mike-whose Grandma gave me the giant table for my craft room and whose mom is an INCREDIBLE quilt maker and designer-brought me 3 bags of goodies from his grandma~ bead and paint and beading wire and tons of embellishments along with 15 pieces of old bone china animals figurines! Ok day was good :}
 At $ o'clock Mike was leaving for home and his mom Betty came in with a large clear plastic box full of more embellishments!!! ok day was great and One more hour til I could go home!
are you bored yet :}
So at 5 o'clock hubby picks me up and he says a package came for me!! It was my Jack Frost form Pat at Cr*tors Touch!! Pat even sent chocolate :}  Jack is so perfect-he sparkles and has the most elegant hands!!
So we pull up to the driveway and I get out to get the mail-There's a package in there!!!!!! From my good Friend Hermonie Goodwitch & Carlin Davis!!! Honestly I though Hermonie was going to send me some tea~imagine my surprise when I opened the card and there was a beautiful portrait of Hermonie!!! Then I opened the bag inside the box~~~~ It was one of Carlin's ADORABLE Santa puppets!! He is so cute and has the sweetest expression-and he jingles when I pop him up and down!! I set him in my tree where he is sitting there in a branch grinning at me!!!!
Thanks You The Hive, Granny Markee, Pat, Herminie and Carlin for making this awful days 10fold better!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GRRRR Blow outs!

I cut 5 pretty little prim dolls from a Pattern from Sweet Meadow farms  I cut them out of osnaburg  fabric as other prim doll maker use this ad I liked the feel and look of it. It cut nice-sewed nice-and them I went to turn the pieces~~ blow outs EVERYWHERE!!! so i turned em back and sewed the blow outs up again-figured I got too close. turned em again~ guess what? BLOW OUTS!! so I glued em up!!! I know I know -but theses were for me :} So the glue held nicely and I went to stuff and I have BLOW OUTS all over again!!! GRRRRRRRRRR  Ok ladies and Gents ~~Is there a trick to sewing turning and stuffing this stuff? I use freezer paper for my patterns and a small, close stitch on my machine. Any tips will be appreciated as I bought 10 yards of it! It was on sale and I had a 60% off coupon on clearance items :}

Monday, December 13, 2010

Old Fashioned Doll Swap

Cindy at Thimbleprims Studios has organized an Old Fashioned Doll Swap and she is kindly letting me participate!! And luck me~~ My partner in this swap is Shelly Harris of Cloud 9 Kreations and Sherry From The Hive!! I am so very excited about this and have an interesting idea for her doll already!!!!
Bee Warm ~Bee Creative ~Bee Only As Buzy As You Need To Bee!!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The View Out My fron Door

This a huge Cottonwood Tree--It was much prettier in the summer :}

My Christmas tree 2010

This is my tree~~ I splurged on a Balsam Fir. It is simply decorated with LED lights green and pink glass balls and my Santa ornaments. It smells divine :}

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I have so many things running around in my head I cant get anything finished! My pretty pink craft room is full of the stuff we took out of the LR we gutted and it feels so very crowded i cant stand it-it will be so nice to get the LR back in sorts.
I do have 4 sewn doll bodies to stuff-prims this time instead of my usual elven type dolls-but I have the Xmas Holiday off so I will be working on something a bit different-I am gonna try a goth elf-or maybe just a goth -with people ears :}  I hope to get a lot accomplished with a whole 3 days off in a row!!!
The Hive inspires me to get things done-looking at what all others accomplish!!!If you haven't checked it out fly over there and Bee impressed!
But this cold weather makes these things not happen ~~you see my room sits facing North and the wind is gusting up to 37 MPH-when there is no wind it is really nice-with wind FREEZING!!!
Bee Well and Bee Creative~~ May You Always Finish Every Project In Time :}

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Super Cute Santa Ornament Giveaway!

Go to Cyndi's blog to sign up!!!!!! Is'nt he adorable!!!!!

I Got Something Wonderful in the Mail Today!!

Today my hubby received a gift he purchased for me{-i told him what I wanted!!!}  It is Esther Verschoor"s new book Vanessie!!!! I love this artists work! you can check it out here Vanessie or at her website Vanessie~ Art Dolls I wold take a pic but as you will see on the first link the cover is very dark. The pictures inside however are bright but dark :} If you are a fan of her work at all I think you will enjoy this picture book or coffee table book very much !!!! Thanks Esther for making this wonderful book for our fans!!!!!

To Everyone~~~ Never Stop Creating!!!!