Sunday, March 27, 2011

Paper Mache Newbie

did ya'all know that when you leave paper mache mix in a bucket to use the next time-it don't smell so great? LOL I made sourdough starter though!!!!!  what a hoot-just thought I would share and maybe give yah a chuckle :]

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

WIP Madelynne~~ a Flower Fairy

Here is my newest doll Madelynne-she will be a flower fairy-but I have not decided on her clothing yet and her wings are still on the drawing board.. I am not sure if she will continue wearing the petals she has on or if I will make her entire costume of the batik she is resting on-more to come :}

Saturday, March 19, 2011

For Lesley C.!! Curvy Doll Body

Hey Lesley~~are these the kinda curves you were looking for? This is one of Patty Culea's bodies! it is a 3 piece with a whole lotta darts.  It is in her last cook which is a compilation of all of her last books~very cool to have them all in one place!

Sorry for the not too stuffed bod--i ran outta stuffing!

Friday, March 18, 2011

3 New Heads with Colered Pencil

This 1st head is the first one I did with the Derwents on a wet face-she's a little comical-I um had a couple beers before I did her :}
This is the 2nd one I did with the Derwents-only wetted the pencil this time

And this last one was with my Prisma Pencils on wetted material

I will also say that I like these faces very much esp the last one-on this one I studied a new face painting manual by Sherry Goshon.  I used it on the 1st 2 as well but really studied and took my time on the 3rd-oh and no beers were involved either :]
Sorry about the shading too-for some reason I couldn't get a decent picture this evening!
Thanks so much ~especially Sherry & Donna-you both have made me so much better at faces!!!!!!!

My Mammy Doll

This is from a Pattern by Sweet Meadow Farm-I need to redo her eyes but letting her sit so I can think about it. I hope she doesn't offend anyone~~ I love these dolls and mean no disrespect!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water Color Pencil Question

So today I went to Hobby Lobby to get a new set of water color pencils as my set was very cheap and they are very hard so it is difficult to get color on the fabric.  I was looking for a softer lead-i thought Hobby Lobby had many different kinds but what i discovered was only a couple different ones-the ones I could open and feel were very hard-the ones I couldn't were DeWerts and they are very expensive esp when i don't know how good they are. So can anyone recommend a nice softer set? If the DeWerts are good I will go back and but them-i have a coupon:] I was gonna check JoAnnes and Micheals too but would like to have an idea of what to look for!!
Thanks in advance gang!

Kitten & Anger Induced Insomnia

Here it is also 5 am and I haven't slept a wink-I am in a VERY bad mood.  And when I try to get some sleep my kittens wake up and Play a game Nellie-AKA The Cat Form Hell taught them-it's called the Kentucky Derby around the bed!!!! I even locked them out of the bedroom-they kept knocking!! Grrr Nellie~~ Stop giving them lessons :]
well maybe I can get some sleep tomorrow before I see the Chiro-she is finally back from maternity leave ~~ thanks goodness casue I am all outta wack and walking crooked!
I hope you all slept better than I

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Member Of The Week

I was so excited today when I saw I was The Hive's Member of the Week! How cool is that :] Thanks Mama & Papa Bee and of course Paige Bee :] You guys made my week with that!

Mirela-Soon To Be Mother

This is Rivkah Mizrahi's pattern "Ruth", You can visit Rivkah here
I only changed the clothing.  She was so fun to make-I started her yesterday afternoon and fished her about 30 minutes ago.
Hope you like her~ Her name means"to admire" in Romanian.


This pattern is Rivkah Mizrahi's "Ruth" -i am in love with this pattern!!!!! See her tummy? She is very rough right now but I couldn't take her pictures and show you all herself without makeup!!! She is nekked :]
Here is Rivkah's blog if you want to take a peek!

Rivkah Mizrahi



Get Your Arist Self Featured!
Alyice Edrich posted this and gave me permission to re post it for all of you!  Pop on over and let Alyice know who sent you :] No I don't get any points from it but wouldn't it be great to get yourself featured!!!!!

everyone send me warm thoughts to melt all this darn snow!!!!!!!  :}

Friday, March 11, 2011

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Night

So today at work I was terribly cranky-I have been sleeping very hard this week and the alarm goes off in the middle of a very intense dream ~every single morning so far this week!~~ that makes me cranky.

Then there is word of a horrible blizzard coming our way-so I leave work 20 minutes early -we run and get 100 bucks worth of groceries and then race home-haul in 3 loads of firewood and do chores quickly-we were not inside 30 minutes when the winds started up.

So i went to start the fire in the wood stove -funny-the matches wouldn't light-grrrrrrrrr.finally got it going -and it was going good-so I turned away to print off a new doll pattern-hmm getting kinda hard to see--chough chough~~ the room is filling up with smoke!!! the darn stove is back drafting!!! Darn it-i run and slam shut my sewing room door and put my gloves on and pull the firewood out-yup it is still burning-and I throw it outside. OK i shoulda quit while I was ahead right?

Nope not me-and hour later I test the match inside the stove~~yippee It stayed lit! so i packed the stove up and started the fire-bangs head-there it goes again-smoke all over AGAIN! So I take all the wood out and throw the burning hunks outside-i give up-i should go to bed :} I promise i will not try to start the fire again this eve.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Quentin ~Thanks so very much~

I lost the stone in my favorite ring:[ Quentin Eckman of Lunar Skies Jewelry & Fine Arts Fixed it for me-he added a great new stone-I love turquoise so much-in a totally new setting! You can visit Q on The Hive  or at
And here's my re-furbished ring!


He's on my bed AGAIN!!!!!!

Veronique is Here!!

I was so excited when i open the mail box this eve-there was a box in there-was it the one? Yes it was!! I tore open the wrapping to a beautiful sparkley purple box~~~ and inside I found~~~~
Didn't she pose so pretty on her plush robe? Thanks so much Lesley! I love her~ She makes me smile every time i look at her! I think she may need a sister :}

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Forgot Something I Bought at the Unglued Fest!

I bought this pretty bracelet from RHR Jewelry & Designsee her shop in Etsy under RHR Designs!

WIP Patrick's Vintage Card Challenge

New fiber~~New yarn later :]

This is a beautiful Targhee Top in the colorway Peppergrass
Isnt is beautiful!
This is what it looks like spun on the spool!
and this is the yarn I am going to spin it with -it's gonna be purty!

1st Annual Unglued Craft Fest

So I got up early on Saturday am to go to Fargo's First Annual Unglued Craft Fest.  As my friends and i walked up to the door we thought "oh no there are only a handful of people waiting outside" that is until we opened the door! It was packed! I couldn't even get many pictures as it was so busy~ Hundreds of people! It was a huge success! Here are some of the few pictures I got and the things I bought~~~

Look at all the people!!!! 40 booths and you couldnt move!

another vendor who's name i didnt get -sorry!

This lady had many fun soaps~ I just got a bunch from Michelle so I didnt need any! below is another shot of her booth
This is Emily Wolff of A Wolff in Sheep's Clothing~ she had some awesome felted bags and I bought 2 beautiful felted bracelets from her-more pics of her booth and also the 2 bracelets i bought from her-you guys are gonna LOVE the bracelets!
Don't yah love em!!!!!! I wore the "Create" one yesterday-funny too because i have gotten a lot of creating done this am! I think it is my creative tailsman!
This is the booth from Revolver-a toally hip funky store that sells vintage everything-clothing, bikes,furniture you name it !

And last but not least-this handsome man has a beautiful voice! His name is Ian Johnson. He provided the entertainment for the first hour.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour!