Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 months since last post!!! NO WAY!

Hello Friends!
My its been awhile--i made 3 rag quilts for my nieces for Xmas-sorry no pics as i  was in a hurry! Finished them at noon on Xmas eve!!!
Here is a face i am working on-molded from LaDoll clay with Sherry Goshons "Sara" mold

And here are some photos fro the October quilt show
There are SO many more beautiful ones but these are some of the best :]

Life is good~~ I am seeing a very sweet supportive man-cant stop smiling tee hee hee!!!  I am working still at Hobby Lobby-doesn't leave much time for reading email-Boy do I miss reading every mail from The Hive! I rarely even turn my computer on!
Ok a few more quilt pics :]
Be well my friends-I am lurking-miss you!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Its been a long long time!

This is the start of my doll for Patrick's Vintage Card Swap
This is the card i chose

And this is the start of her--took me a very long time to WANT to make her-this space is so not agreeable to my muse!!!!!
Ok I needed coffee -my sewing machine and my scissors :]
And here is her legs body and head~ and my favorite tool-my cordless drill :] yah I will let you ask about that!!

OK OK OK! i have to drill a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin head :]
Heads up kids-I fear fall is coming~~~~
Be well and treat others as you would like to be treated ok?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

2 WIPs

This is my first new doll for quite awhile-I am really liking the light in her eyes-I have no idea where the purple came from in her face-It is done completely in Water Color Pencils- Derwent brand-I LOVE them! Thanks Sherry!! She is not done by any means and sorry but she is Nekked!!!!!!
And this is the start of a collage painting I am doing with a Friend-we are taking turns challenging each other in different art forms-we then gift what we made to the other.  The leaves are coffee filters and the trunk is torn newspaper-i also sprinkled sea salt on the paint when wet to make fun "spots" in the paint
This is not nearly done either
Thanks for all your support gang-I love you all!!!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fargo Street Fair

wonderful shops along the way!
Look at all the booths!
This is Vonnie Nolte's booth f hair accessories! a wonderful tool to make very cool neat buns! i have used mine every day since Thursday!
A look down the other way
One of my favorite yarn and fiber shops Boucle!!!!

A tray of polished rock ready to used as pendants from Dan Rocks & Rolls from Minot ND

I bought this from Susan Braun-Funky Picasso~ from Leeds ND it says "Black is Black and White is White and She Still Saw Polka Dots and Stripes and Even Plaid" My sweetie always says "everything is black and white-there is no grey" I found it funny!!!
I also got this one from her
Isn't that great!!!!!!
I had such a blast with my Friend Christy!!!

A Birthday Surprise!!!

I arrived home after work on a very rainy day 2 days before my 43rd birthday. As i walked up the steps i soon noticed a small wet box sitting outside my door-the box was quivering.  I thought-Oh no ! Has someone left a puppy or a kitten under that box!! I carefully lifted up the box and much to my surprise i was greeted by a wise looking wee crone-she smiled and said :"My dear-i have been waiting for you!!" I took her in and dried her off and set her on the counter to dry and warm up-I went to also change clothes and when i came back she had made sun tea-the rain had stopped and the sun had come out suddenly!
She then went on to inspect my herbs-i asked her her name and she replied "That is for you to decide my dear." I asked her where she came from and how she good here? she replied "I was brought here on the back of a snowy owl from my dear sisters home," whom is your sister I asked? "Hermonie Goodwith of course!" She replied! ahh yes I could see the resemblances!

Then see saw my dog Tillie~~ I said she probably wont let you pet her-she is very shy.  She replied "I do believe we understand each other,"  she waddled over to Tillie and much to my amusement this happened
Then we went into my room so I could come up with a good and proper name for her-I had some ideas and I turned to speak with her. This is what i saw

"My dear"she said"why so many unfinished sisters?' I said I just have so much to do-I do a little at a time.She said "Oh I understand-I will help you with this!"  Then I told her the name I had chosen for her. She giggled with delight and said "Perfectly wonderful my dear!!"
So Maybelle Rayne Goodwitch settled down in the rocking chair to rest after her long journey

She is still urging me to work on my creative processes!! and I do believe it is working!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goat Milk RIcotta

This is my super cool new digital thermometer!! 13 bucks at K-Mart!
 2 great old pots that act as a double broiler
The dish cloth, strainer,and metal slotted sitting in a mild bleach solution to sterilize-then i will let it sit in plain water to rinse

Besides the whole milk these are the other ingredients-vinegar, butter & salt and some really awesome homemade potholders to take the hot pot off the stove!

5 degrees to go!! see the number on the right? that's the number the milk needs to reach-an alarm goes off-how cool is that!!!!
Here are the beautiful yummy curds!!!!!!!
all bundles up to take most of the whey out.
That's all the whey!!
here is the ricotta-with the butter melting and the sea salt sprinkled on it!
 Divided into 2 smaller bowls to cool down

the cheese makers bible-best cheese book ever and own most of them :]
now what to do with all that whey?? i used to give it too the chickens-but now i have none-oh I know!!!

i will water my herbs and tomato pots!!!  tons of nutrients in the whey-don't let it go to waste if you make this!!!!
I had a baked potato with fresh ricotta for supper!