Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 months since last post!!! NO WAY!

Hello Friends!
My its been awhile--i made 3 rag quilts for my nieces for Xmas-sorry no pics as i  was in a hurry! Finished them at noon on Xmas eve!!!
Here is a face i am working on-molded from LaDoll clay with Sherry Goshons "Sara" mold

And here are some photos fro the October quilt show
There are SO many more beautiful ones but these are some of the best :]

Life is good~~ I am seeing a very sweet supportive man-cant stop smiling tee hee hee!!!  I am working still at Hobby Lobby-doesn't leave much time for reading email-Boy do I miss reading every mail from The Hive! I rarely even turn my computer on!
Ok a few more quilt pics :]
Be well my friends-I am lurking-miss you!