Sunday, May 22, 2011

On The Deck~Plants & Pups

Cisco is not real happy about having to be tied up-his cable is 50 feet long so enjoys getting himself really super tangled up! He also likes to go on our walks too!
Tillie loves hanging on the deck laying on a deck chair cushion under the deck table!!!
Peppers & eggplant waiting to go to the OTHER garden! The lavender will stay here but i need more soil!
the east side of the west part of the deck:]
the west side of the west side of the deck
Basil ,parsley ,cilantro with another cherry tomato!
The 3 mints-Orange, peppermint and chocolate mint for Mojitos!!!!!!!
Sorrel in the front and pineapple sage in the back-
oregano -Greek and Italian with a cherry tomato and solar lights! 

My Wittle Tiny Messy Room

Pretty much this is the whole thing :] have to find room for the stuff in the boxes-uff dah I have a lot of STUFF

WIP for Patrick's Fourth of JKuly Vintage Swap

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On Moving & Cardboard Boxes & Living in Town

I cannot find my scissors, my rotary cutters, my pens, I cant find anything!! ugggggggg  how upsetting!!! I dug through the trailer a little today and found some more stuff but where i put my scissors is beyond me!!!! so I will have to take all the boxes out and look through them. and my next day off isn't until Sunday-I think I will also rebox a bunch of stuff-this pace is too small -i don't know how some of you do it with just a corner!!!!!!
I also need to find a way to store my fabric in this small space-I found room for 2 boxes but there are at least 3 more in the trailer. Any ideas?
On a good note-I am feeling well-at peace-I now have my dogs~Tille & Cisco with me in this little room:] Cisco and I took a 30 minute walk tonight-for being a farm dog and not being on a leash since he was a pup he was a perfect gentleman!!!
I cant believe how noisy is is in town-and this is a quiet neighborhood!!! music and trucks and motorcycles and kids and barking dogs OH MY~~~ might drive me to drink!
Be well my friends

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


in the last 2 weeks my life has been turned upside down. everything is now different and new-
I am ready to start over but scared-did I do the right thing? Should I go back? I don't know-I think I gave it my best shot-I tried to fix what couldn't be fixed for so long. Tried to change myself hoping it would fix itself.
I am sad,glad,depressed and happy all at the same time-I haven't really shed many tears-to me that means I know -in my heart-that I did the thing that was best for me.
Should I be ashamed for leaving? i think not-i was forced out by anger and resentment and addiction.
I have 2 very good friends that are standing beside me this whole way=without them I would not have been strong enough to do this-thanks M & T. For opening your homes and letting me interrupt your lives.
And thanks to my online friends who where also as encouraging especially C-you opened my eyes with your own experiences.
I am a survivor-a strong willed woman, and I am a little bit stronger every day
Thank you my friends for reading this rampage :]