Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Goat Milk RIcotta

This is my super cool new digital thermometer!! 13 bucks at K-Mart!
 2 great old pots that act as a double broiler
The dish cloth, strainer,and metal slotted sitting in a mild bleach solution to sterilize-then i will let it sit in plain water to rinse

Besides the whole milk these are the other ingredients-vinegar, butter & salt and some really awesome homemade potholders to take the hot pot off the stove!

5 degrees to go!! see the number on the right? that's the number the milk needs to reach-an alarm goes off-how cool is that!!!!
Here are the beautiful yummy curds!!!!!!!
all bundles up to take most of the whey out.
That's all the whey!!
here is the ricotta-with the butter melting and the sea salt sprinkled on it!
 Divided into 2 smaller bowls to cool down

the cheese makers bible-best cheese book ever and own most of them :]
now what to do with all that whey?? i used to give it too the chickens-but now i have none-oh I know!!!

i will water my herbs and tomato pots!!!  tons of nutrients in the whey-don't let it go to waste if you make this!!!!
I had a baked potato with fresh ricotta for supper!