Sunday, July 17, 2011

Fargo Street Fair

wonderful shops along the way!
Look at all the booths!
This is Vonnie Nolte's booth f hair accessories! a wonderful tool to make very cool neat buns! i have used mine every day since Thursday!
A look down the other way
One of my favorite yarn and fiber shops Boucle!!!!

A tray of polished rock ready to used as pendants from Dan Rocks & Rolls from Minot ND

I bought this from Susan Braun-Funky Picasso~ from Leeds ND it says "Black is Black and White is White and She Still Saw Polka Dots and Stripes and Even Plaid" My sweetie always says "everything is black and white-there is no grey" I found it funny!!!
I also got this one from her
Isn't that great!!!!!!
I had such a blast with my Friend Christy!!!

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