Thursday, November 4, 2010

day 6

Today in the mail I received a pattern from a very dear Friend! I cannot wait to make her Topsy turvy dolls!! Carlin Davis has the cutest patterns!!!
Again I a m beat tonight-you ladies know how it is the the first day of that time of the month? It just KILLS me-tired, depressed, no energy-although getting Carlin's pattern cheered me u!!!p--discovering that the bulb went out in my brooder and all but a couple of my sweet chicks were gone sent my into near hysterics :{ I so NEED to work at home so I can take care of theses things as they happen-I do like my job-correction -i like my customers and most of the people I work with but so much to take care of here on the farm-was soo not a good day-thank you my sweet Carlin for the package!

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