Friday, November 26, 2010

New Stuff :}

Here Are Some Cute Santa Ornaments I Made! More on the way too!

if interested you can Purchase them on my Web Site!!  In Fact just go check it out ok? you'll like it~~~~~I Hope :}


  1. Cute cute, this is Kim from the Hive upping my chances to win those Santas :)

  2. I've just followed after reading your post on the hive. I'm a better blogger than I am a hiver so I'm sure to follow this better ;)

  3. Hi! Mes arrived, and to proves it mes here!
    Mes LOVES your Santas on the Hive so mes come here to tells you,
    They'd looks like they would be great kitty fun!

    PLUS mes has become a follower!
    Nellie Bellie