Sunday, May 22, 2011

On The Deck~Plants & Pups

Cisco is not real happy about having to be tied up-his cable is 50 feet long so enjoys getting himself really super tangled up! He also likes to go on our walks too!
Tillie loves hanging on the deck laying on a deck chair cushion under the deck table!!!
Peppers & eggplant waiting to go to the OTHER garden! The lavender will stay here but i need more soil!
the east side of the west part of the deck:]
the west side of the west side of the deck
Basil ,parsley ,cilantro with another cherry tomato!
The 3 mints-Orange, peppermint and chocolate mint for Mojitos!!!!!!!
Sorrel in the front and pineapple sage in the back-
oregano -Greek and Italian with a cherry tomato and solar lights! 

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  1. Boy, you are really going to town just nesting up a storm in your new place!!! Good for you!!