Tuesday, May 3, 2011


in the last 2 weeks my life has been turned upside down. everything is now different and new-
I am ready to start over but scared-did I do the right thing? Should I go back? I don't know-I think I gave it my best shot-I tried to fix what couldn't be fixed for so long. Tried to change myself hoping it would fix itself.
I am sad,glad,depressed and happy all at the same time-I haven't really shed many tears-to me that means I know -in my heart-that I did the thing that was best for me.
Should I be ashamed for leaving? i think not-i was forced out by anger and resentment and addiction.
I have 2 very good friends that are standing beside me this whole way=without them I would not have been strong enough to do this-thanks M & T. For opening your homes and letting me interrupt your lives.
And thanks to my online friends who where also as encouraging especially C-you opened my eyes with your own experiences.
I am a survivor-a strong willed woman, and I am a little bit stronger every day
Thank you my friends for reading this rampage :]


  1. Heh girl good to hear your words and that you are holding strong. May God hold you close as you start a new chapter of life. Hugs ♥

  2. From someone who has been stripped to her soul and crawled back from the brink, remember to never lose yourself. I am sending many heartfelt dragon hugs. My hand is also there if you need someone. Believe in the magic around, a child's laughter, a warm cup of tea, a rose bud....