Friday, February 11, 2011

Boy Did I Get a Deal!

I was out to buy a new printer tonight-the HP i got was just not cutting it and was a real PITA -if yah know what I mean :}  So I went to Office Max--just to look-didn't see anything I liked-the Melissa came over and asked hay I was looking for -I told her a wireless printer with a scanner under 100 bucks-well yah know what she showed me!!!!!!! an Epson NX515 for 33 bucks!  I  was a bit suspicious-i checked all the specs-it all looked right-had hubby recheck it-he thought it was OK-So I bought it :} How cool is that?? I went in expecting to pay 100 bucks for a decent printer!-I told Melissa I didn't want to pay much cause they wear out and yah cant fix em-she said- yup your right and took me too this beauty :} I am so gonna give Melissa a glowing report when I fill out the survey!!! As she ddnt try to power sell me-she took me to the best deal! Thanks Melissa!

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