Monday, February 14, 2011

I feel pretty foolish this evening :0

So today I was pretty irritated that my hubby didn't call me.text me or take me out to lunch-so I didn't call him or text him either. I didn't talk to him on the way home-and I was pretty rude to him even though he helped me with chores-carrying the feed bags and dragging the hose out to the barn and then dragging it back in-I was pouting in the barn-then I came in and look what was waiting for me~~~
Boy did I feel BAD!!! And then the horses got out-it took both of us 45 minutes to get 3 or the 4 back in-and now he is making Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus!  My favorite!!!!   I am sorry Honey-I love you & I am a very lucky gal.
BTW I made him 2 potholders last night on my pot holder loom because he burnt himself the other night cause all the pot holder were old and worn out!!! Love my old pot holder loom!!!!

Bee nice to your Honey :} Learn from my big mistake!!!!!!!

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