Friday, March 11, 2011

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Night

So today at work I was terribly cranky-I have been sleeping very hard this week and the alarm goes off in the middle of a very intense dream ~every single morning so far this week!~~ that makes me cranky.

Then there is word of a horrible blizzard coming our way-so I leave work 20 minutes early -we run and get 100 bucks worth of groceries and then race home-haul in 3 loads of firewood and do chores quickly-we were not inside 30 minutes when the winds started up.

So i went to start the fire in the wood stove -funny-the matches wouldn't light-grrrrrrrrr.finally got it going -and it was going good-so I turned away to print off a new doll pattern-hmm getting kinda hard to see--chough chough~~ the room is filling up with smoke!!! the darn stove is back drafting!!! Darn it-i run and slam shut my sewing room door and put my gloves on and pull the firewood out-yup it is still burning-and I throw it outside. OK i shoulda quit while I was ahead right?

Nope not me-and hour later I test the match inside the stove~~yippee It stayed lit! so i packed the stove up and started the fire-bangs head-there it goes again-smoke all over AGAIN! So I take all the wood out and throw the burning hunks outside-i give up-i should go to bed :} I promise i will not try to start the fire again this eve.

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