Sunday, March 6, 2011

1st Annual Unglued Craft Fest

So I got up early on Saturday am to go to Fargo's First Annual Unglued Craft Fest.  As my friends and i walked up to the door we thought "oh no there are only a handful of people waiting outside" that is until we opened the door! It was packed! I couldn't even get many pictures as it was so busy~ Hundreds of people! It was a huge success! Here are some of the few pictures I got and the things I bought~~~

Look at all the people!!!! 40 booths and you couldnt move!

another vendor who's name i didnt get -sorry!

This lady had many fun soaps~ I just got a bunch from Michelle so I didnt need any! below is another shot of her booth
This is Emily Wolff of A Wolff in Sheep's Clothing~ she had some awesome felted bags and I bought 2 beautiful felted bracelets from her-more pics of her booth and also the 2 bracelets i bought from her-you guys are gonna LOVE the bracelets!
Don't yah love em!!!!!! I wore the "Create" one yesterday-funny too because i have gotten a lot of creating done this am! I think it is my creative tailsman!
This is the booth from Revolver-a toally hip funky store that sells vintage everything-clothing, bikes,furniture you name it !

And last but not least-this handsome man has a beautiful voice! His name is Ian Johnson. He provided the entertainment for the first hour.
I hope you enjoyed my little tour!

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