Friday, March 18, 2011

3 New Heads with Colered Pencil

This 1st head is the first one I did with the Derwents on a wet face-she's a little comical-I um had a couple beers before I did her :}
This is the 2nd one I did with the Derwents-only wetted the pencil this time

And this last one was with my Prisma Pencils on wetted material

I will also say that I like these faces very much esp the last one-on this one I studied a new face painting manual by Sherry Goshon.  I used it on the 1st 2 as well but really studied and took my time on the 3rd-oh and no beers were involved either :]
Sorry about the shading too-for some reason I couldn't get a decent picture this evening!
Thanks so much ~especially Sherry & Donna-you both have made me so much better at faces!!!!!!!

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  1. Isn't it great when you learn something new to perfect the craft you love? Great job!