Monday, January 10, 2011

Creative Block

I am having a bit of creative block again-I have 3 dolls half finished and am having trouble getting motivated on them-after I cut sewed and stuffed them all in one day~ now I cant get around to finishing them? 
Is is the "real" job stress?
Is it the cold weather?
Is it just worry about all the other little things that nag and pick at me? 
Or maybe is is not getting enough qaulity sleep-I cannot sleep when it is cold-yup I am odd that way :}
I thought maybe writing this up would help me break the block but I dont have a day off to work on anything until Sunday-unless we really hit 30 below or more-then the cars wont start so I will stay at home.
So what are ya'all working on?
Maybe if everyone posts there creations in one point of progress or done it will help me :} Hint hint :}
Bee Warm & Bee Kind to Beast & Man

1 comment:

  1. Hey I am sorry you are having a time with those dolls. I am working on some ornies, just finished putting their hair on last night at work. Now I just need to finish their wings. Hope you can get out of your rut!!