Monday, January 31, 2011

Yummy Soap From Mossy Creek Soap!!

I got these wonderful yummy smelling soaps from Michelle at Mossy Creek Soaps!!

The 3 Green Ones on the Top are Sweet Apple-They smell like apples off the tree!!
The One in the Pretty Paper Package is Gardeners Hand Soap-it smells CLEAN!
The One to the Right Of the Gardeners is Coffee & Mocha-oh my it smells good enough to eat!!
The Green One in the Box is Oceans Edge-and I think it smells like salty water and the goodness of the ocean and it so very pretty!!!!
The One Next to That is Grapefruit Delight-I smell a Little Citrus and it smells Fresh!!
The One Next to The Grapefruit is Lavender & Calendula-oh I think it's my fav!! Smells like a fresh cup of Lavender & Calendula Tea!
The First One in the Last row is Spearmint Tea Tree-I smells so fresh and minty it reminds me of my garden!! 
The Second one is Another Coffee & Mocha-I knew I would love the smell of those the best!
I am not sharing these with the hubby :}
Thanks Michelle-That was more than Generous of you! This was a trade we did-My Mermaid for all these incredible handmade soaps!!
Please Visit Michelle's Site & Treat Yourselves!!!!
Bee Clean with Michelle's Handmade Soaps!!!!

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  1. WOW!!! I know it's late but THANK YOU for that fabulous review!!!