Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Am Lost :{ Long winded :}

~~~ without my sewing machine.  I keep grabbing fabric and patterns and then remembering my sweet little Singer is at the doctors.  I was supposed to pick up the Husquvarna that my mom bought before she went into the nursing home-my brother has it-but with the the Hoopla yesterday it was forgotten so I will get it tomorrow night and I will have it for my day off Tuesday. So I have been working on 3 different projects today ~jumping from one to another as my hands will allow me to do all of them at different times-so at least I am not bored!  The GAME doesn't start for another hour (Packers and Da Bears--GO PACK!!) I am happy to have other things to do (oh I am rug hooking, spinning fiber and knitting)
On a different note:] my craft room is getting yet another makeover!!! My buddy Mike whose mother is the quilter and whose Granny gave me all those goodies ~and even more I haven't shared-sorry!~ Is giving me his mothers Bolt Keepers that he built to hold his moms quilting fabric!  I will have to fold my fabric but them I can see it so much easier! They are simple heavy pine and I will thumb tack a pretty curtain over the front so the fabric will not get sun damage!! I am excited! The bankers boxes where awesome but I would have to dig all over to find what I wanted!!!  I may also be working on that tomorrow-they will also give me more room as they are not as wide as the boxes!!!  And I will also have storage on top of the Bolt Keepers that I didn't have with  the bankers boxes :}
Have a happy Sunday  & GO PACKERS!!!! AND GO STEELERS!!!!!
Bee Warm  Bee Creative Bee Joyous My Friends

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