Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Top 10 Goals For 2011

1~ I will limit computer time to be able to create more
2~ I will try more of my old patterns instead of buying new ones!
3~ I will continue to try new techniques without waiting weeks to "be ready" I will just dive right in!
4~ I will use the supplies I have~ for the most part~instead of buying more and more!
5~I will make more "sellable"items
6~I will tidy up after creating-instead of leaving it til next time and then not sitting down casue I don't want to deal with the mess
7~I will make my Art Table less cluttered and make the items I use most more accessible-<I saw a post somewhere where they took the bottom of a hat box-the round ones-and put it on a lazy Susan-they put pvs pipe pieces in it to hold brushes and pens and pencils! Cool idea right!!!! I think It was on the Modge Podge site>
8~ I will organize my supplies better with plastic drawer storage instead of tossing it in assorted bins
9~I will jot down ideas instead of thinking I will remember them!
10~ I will buy a decent printer instead of buying used ones that wear out after 1 ream of paper!

Now if I can only remember where I put this list~~~~~~~
tee hee hee
Bee Well Bee Beeautiful Bee Creative Honeys!!!!!

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