Tuesday, December 14, 2010

GRRRR Blow outs!

I cut 5 pretty little prim dolls from a Pattern from Sweet Meadow farms http://sweetmeadowsfarm.blogspot.com/.  I cut them out of osnaburg  fabric as other prim doll maker use this ad I liked the feel and look of it. It cut nice-sewed nice-and them I went to turn the pieces~~ blow outs EVERYWHERE!!! so i turned em back and sewed the blow outs up again-figured I got too close. turned em again~ guess what? BLOW OUTS!! so I glued em up!!! I know I know -but theses were for me :} So the glue held nicely and I went to stuff and I have BLOW OUTS all over again!!! GRRRRRRRRRR  Ok ladies and Gents ~~Is there a trick to sewing turning and stuffing this stuff? I use freezer paper for my patterns and a small, close stitch on my machine. Any tips will be appreciated as I bought 10 yards of it! It was on sale and I had a 60% off coupon on clearance items :}

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