Friday, December 31, 2010

My Take On Those Cute Coasters!

A couple days ago I posted a link to a 12 year old girl who did a tutorial on making some cute ruffled coasters! So before I went home last night i made a stop-yes I know we should have gone right home (See post I HATE Snow :} but I wanted to get some stuff to craft with so I would have thing to occupy myself when I was snowed in.  SCORE! Got the ceramic tiles on sale for 9cents a piece! Got 3 feet of cork for 5ish-everything else I had at home.

So last evening i Modge Podged the fabric onto the tiles and commenced to make me a ruffle~~~ yah RIGHT! How the heck do yah make a ruffle-ok ok I know how but I didn't want the thread to show and boy did it take forever to get it the way I like it and enough to go around 1 coaster!!!

So I thought to myself "Self what do you have a lot of that would look cute on those coasters" BUTTONS :}
So here are my coasters  ~I have done 8 sets of 4 this is the first one finished and may be the only one I do with buttons but I had to do something!

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