Thursday, December 16, 2010

This Morning was Terrible but this afternoon & Evening was a WHOLE Different Stiory!

This morning started out terrible-8 inches of snow made it very hard to get to work and I was 10 minutes late-we have a 38 miles drive to town-none of the roads had been plowed most of the way there-then We were super busy-had 3 truck to unload and 2 people didn't show up for work!  ARRGGHH!

My lunch was an hour and a half late when I sat down to check my email-by email I mean check my Hive notifications :}
To my wondrous surprise I had won the glitter I wanted from the 10th Day of Christmas Giveaway!OK my day just got a little better~~ then my buddy Mike-whose Grandma gave me the giant table for my craft room and whose mom is an INCREDIBLE quilt maker and designer-brought me 3 bags of goodies from his grandma~ bead and paint and beading wire and tons of embellishments along with 15 pieces of old bone china animals figurines! Ok day was good :}
 At $ o'clock Mike was leaving for home and his mom Betty came in with a large clear plastic box full of more embellishments!!! ok day was great and One more hour til I could go home!
are you bored yet :}
So at 5 o'clock hubby picks me up and he says a package came for me!! It was my Jack Frost form Pat at Cr*tors Touch!! Pat even sent chocolate :}  Jack is so perfect-he sparkles and has the most elegant hands!!
So we pull up to the driveway and I get out to get the mail-There's a package in there!!!!!! From my good Friend Hermonie Goodwitch & Carlin Davis!!! Honestly I though Hermonie was going to send me some tea~imagine my surprise when I opened the card and there was a beautiful portrait of Hermonie!!! Then I opened the bag inside the box~~~~ It was one of Carlin's ADORABLE Santa puppets!! He is so cute and has the sweetest expression-and he jingles when I pop him up and down!! I set him in my tree where he is sitting there in a branch grinning at me!!!!
Thanks You The Hive, Granny Markee, Pat, Herminie and Carlin for making this awful days 10fold better!!!

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