Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Hubby & I Exchanged Gifts this Evening!

Tonight Hubby and I exchanged out Xmas gifts  as I will not be at home till next Wednesday-no big deal we do it this way every year :}
I got him a new BB gun :} and cast iron dutch oven-2 cast iron fry pans, a cast iron pot and also a stove top popcorn popper! He's the cook in the family!!!
He got me my favorite perfume-Shania, an Painted Pony Ornament Jingle Bells and ~~~ are you ready my doll making friends??? My dear sweet husband created for me a sort of a book of the month club!!!! Because I buy all the doll books I can find he found 3 that haven't been published yet!!!
The first book I should get next week-it is Wee Wonderfuls by Hillary Lang! I didn't know this one existed!! I am excited to see it!!
The next book I will get in February-a book I wanted so badly too!! Introduction to Cloth Doll Making by Jan Horrox!!!!!  Oh My he is GOOD!!!!!!!! I wanted this the moment I saw the cover!!!!!
The final book I will be getting in March-this a book by one of my favorites-I have all her books and I so want to take a class with her someday!! It's Creative Cloth Doll Collection By no other but PATTI MEDARIS CULEA!!!!  whoot whoot whoott--i love my hubby Todd! So sweetie if you read this I LOVE YOU!!!

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