Thursday, December 30, 2010

Spinning and drinking good wine

I hauled out my old Ashford wheel and sat down with an awesome bottle of organic wine-Makulu-Moscato-semi sweet semi dry-lovely :} to spin some super soft extra long staple Lesiter Longwool wool from My friends at Marsh Creek Crossing  Marsh Creek Crossing.  This fiber is extra soft and luscious! I cant wait to get it spun and plyed -then I think I will try my hand at hand painting it-Any suggestions on colors? come give me your ideas!! Pretty pretty please!!!!!
Bee well Bee Warm and Bee safe


  1. Spinning and wine are the perfect combination and I make some of my best yarns that way. As for color choice? I'm in a purple mood right now so that's my suggestion.

    Happy New Year!
    Happy Fiber Arts Friday!

  2. I am thinking purple light blue and green :}