Thursday, December 30, 2010

I HATE Snow!!!!!

Today was awful!!!  30 MPH winds-gusts up to 45 MPH -the drive home was almost frightening thank goodness we got home before the winds really picked up!  We are expecting 12 to 24 inches of SNOW! It started today about 10 am and will continue through tomorrow.If that happens I may be snowed in for a week-yup a week-the local towns road dept burned up in a fire and I am pretty sure the plows for our township will clear out the main roads for that town instead of the 3 miles of gravel road I need cleared to get out! Thanks goodness by buddy Mike's sweet dad Chuck fixed our snow blower and we picked it up yesterday-and all he want for payment is sweets! So I am going to make him ice cream!
Wish me luck gang! Thank goodness I just got lots of fiber, I have tons of fabric and patterns and thread and projects to keep me going-not sure how hubby will handle being stuck with me in the house for that many days-
gosh I just realized how incredibly hard it is going to be to get into the barn to take care of the animals!!!!  egads--I wanna move to Texas!!!!!!!

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